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An Island Paradise
At just 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, Barbados rivals destinations several times its size. Surrounded by over 70 miles of white sand beaches distinguished as some of the finest in the Caribbean, the island has long attracted visitors to its shores. Mesmerized by the island’s beauty and vast array of cultural and social amenities, many return to Barbados on an annual basis. It isn’t hard to see why – with a beautiful landscape dotted by pristine golf courses, polo fields and elegant estates, world-class restaurants, vibrant nightlife and an exciting social calendar of cultural, music and sporting events, Barbados is truly an island paradise.

Idyllic Climate
Just outside the main hurricane belt, the island enjoys year-round sunshine, cooling northeast trade winds and just enough rainfall to maintain its lush tropical gardens, gullies and rolling green fields of sugarcane, reminiscent of its history as an agricultural colony in the British Empire.

Friendly Neighbours
Perhaps the island’s greatest asset is the warmth of its people. Barbadians are proud of their home and welcome visitors with open arms, making them feel as if they have lived next door all their life. We welcome you to experience the island’s unique culture and get a feel of what it truly means to be ‘Bajan’.

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