The City, The Village and The Gap

We share a peek into life in our island’s Capital Bridgetown, the fanfair of Oistins Fishing Village and the fun of St. Lawrence Gap. 


The island’s capital. Home of third oldest parliament in the Americas. The centre of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bridgetown really needs no introduction. But, for the sake of this article, we will force ourselves to do it justice in words. The city of Bridgetown is located in the most populous of Barbados’ 11 parishes, and with a history steeped in merchants and commerce, the town entertains the notion that its streets form part of a rite of passage for Barbadians and visitors alike. The modern interpretation of the city is not too dissimilar to its original, offering duty-free shopping at department stores and malls along with an authentic Barbadian experience in its vegetable and fish markets. But the city is also on show, and welcomes everyone to visit its beautifully restored Jewish Synagogue; pristine beaches; aromatic cafes and restaurants; and, its Garrison. Now, the feather in the city’s hat is its UNESCO designation, something which holds great value to Barbadians at home and abroad. The city and its Garrison are historic architectural marvels, with their deftly preserved Britishness, unique serpentine layouts and colonial buildings that span three centuries of the British’s empirical rule. And whilst the town is a bustling bazaar of the island’s best, the Garrison is a show window offering a look into the island’s past: its defunct cannons line the savannah; its fort and other buildings reminiscent of a militant era; the preserved home of President George Washington; and, the authority on Barbados’ rich history - the island’s National Museum.

Oistins Fishing Village

The fourth and final town as the story moves south is Oistins - the epitome of an island town, thriving on the bounties of the sea. Although the origins of its name amounts to most speculation than fact, certainty lies in the fact that Oistins and its residents always have the sea on their minds. In this tradition, the town has now transformed its Friday and Saturday nights into a carnival of sights, sounds and flavours to behold, with the ever popular Fish Fry that brings locals and visitors together under the night skies.

The Gap

The true night experience in Barbados lies in St. Lawrence Gap - an area renowned for its varying eateries, night spots and music. A trip to St. Lawrence Gap will result in the discovery of a blend of hotels, restaurants and bars that cover countless themes and concepts in one small space. During the day, it transforms into pockets of breathtaking sea views, surf lessons and other beachside activities.