St. Lawrence Gap

Families stroll to the beach after a lovely lunch. Daredevils suit up for their maiden surf lesson. Karaoke music emanates to the bustling street where late diners and partygoers cross paths. All this happens in St. Lawrence Gap. From sunrise to sunrise, St. Lawrence Gap changes its facade, offering vastly different experiences within the almost mile-long street. Located along the south coast of the island, within close proximity to Bridgetown, The Gap, as it is affectionately known, brings a combination of daytime adventures and nighttime delights including beaches, shopping, restaurants, hideaways and nightclubs - catering to every imaginable need and requirement. In addition to its international persona, the strip is one of convenience, and each stop is within walking distance of the other. Lounge on the sandy shores inches away from your holiday home, and head straight out of the water and take a leisurely stroll to your favourite restaurant for a scrumptious lunch!

Beaches & Watersports

The south coast of Barbados is iconic for its varying options of watersports. The south west is known for its quieter shores and sandy coves dotted with beach chairs and towels. But where the sand trails off into rocky coastline, recreational fisherman and surfboards complete the picture of costal life. St. Lawrence Gap is blessed with a mixed shoreline, offering leisurely beach days and challenging swells for those willing to take up the challenge of jet skiing, windsurfing, surfing or even a day of paddle boarding. But rest assured that besides its amazing surf breaks and other coastal action spots, the area also offers the best surf and dive shops such as Barry’s Surf School, which is under the tutelage of local seasoned veterans turned professional tutors.


Barbados boasts so many dining options that it is widely known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. St. Lawrence is the hub of the Barbadian culinary experience, offering a blend of fine dining across all stars to the roadside grassroots fare that is typically Barbadian. Whether you’re on the hunt for breakfast after a long night on the town, a casual lunch, a full-course dinner or tapas and bar nibbles, the restaurants of The Gap are sure to satiate! Taking the natural path from the start of the Gap, Brazil and Mexico are popularly represented and sure hits with locals and visitors alike. The Irish Pub is further in, and brings an atmosphere of fun and friendship. On the iconic corner on the lower end of The Gap is the fun, stylish Cocktail Kitchen, and the more chic, fine dining options such as the tempting Primo are strewn along the waterside. But, for a more rustic experience, the hideaway bars such as Castaways await, as well as several staple roadside vendors that offer a quick bite before you wrap up - or begin - the night in St. Lawrence Gap! But if the preference is to dine in, a personal chef can cater to your food fancy at Sapphire, creating a truly unique St. Lawrence Gap food experience!


Nighttime in St. Lawrence Gap never disappoints. Bars and restaurants are fully awake and beaming with life as drinks flow freely and laughter fills the air. But although the bar and dining scene is a lively one after dark, it may very well be the prelude to a more energetic nighttime experience in the Gap. Tucked away behind colourful signs and neat doorways are some of the island’s most popular nightclubs with all ages of partygoers. Music pulsates, and the beats of reggae, calypso, salsa and live music complete the mood of each spot - a mood which its regulars just can’t have enough of! But, for the first timers, you may dress your best or keep it casually comfortable as you enjoy the island’s best DJ selections, or groove to the strings and melodies of the live bands and night-scene talent brining sets of music from across the world!


Besides its beaches, food and nightlife, Barbados is also well-known as a duty-free shopping haven. St. Lawrence Gap and its surrounding areas are home to several shopping options for those seeking a bit of retail therapy or tangible trinkets to remember their stay on the island. In the heart of The Gap, there is a small chattel village of shops as well as an abundance of roadside and beachside vendors plying their trade in handmade jewelry, ornaments, beachwear and other Barbados-themed souvenirs. And for the daily-living necessities, there are two main convenience stores that are strategically positioned at the opposing ends of The Gap for easy accessibility. In addition to these stand-alone shopping options, the hotels along the strip also offer shopping options in the form of fine jewelry stores and clothing boutiques. As for the surrounding area, petrol stations, a major shopping mall and several supermarket chains are all within a 10-minute drive from The Gap. So, whether you are looking for trinkets, souvenirs or necessities, you won’t have to venture too far to find them all.